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How to Develop a Wikipedia Page for an Illustrator

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Are you thinking as an artist that why do you need a Wikipedia page? Surviving in an aggressively competitive industry is a tough job. It’s attached with a lot of consequences let alone amazements that you may not be able to deal with intelligently. Hence, the safest technique is to get on a movement that can lead you through a trouble-free path to attain development. And without any hesitation, Wikipedia is an equitable platform that can give you not only a head start but also ensures to alleviate and makes your search engine base as well.

The Wikipedia platform is the most viewed online encyclopedia. Producing around 1.70 billion views a month, this fast-growing bank of information is reliable for its material. The platform also serves as a search engine optimization tool along with being credible information providing medium. Helping beginner artists and illustrators to rank higher than ever and gaining appreciation makes it a perfect platform to join in. Wikipedia has its content in almost 299+ different languages and dialects.

Originally, it was an encyclopedia available in the English language. However, keeping the outreach in mind, its present statistics suggest that the platform reaches 6.2 million articles which are distributed in numerous other languages and dialects. Furthermore, it was a remarkable event that only the English-version of Wikipedia pages received around 9.1 billion page views, back in 2015.

As Wikipedia is an open-source platform, it greets editors, proofreaders, artists, illustrators, and readers to keep the content original. This approachable and open-door policy of Wikipedia aided itself to become the utmost encyclopedia ever, as specified by the Time magazine.

Wikipedia is known to provide an enormous area to increase your range, if you want to speed up your online acknowledgment here is a short list about how to develop a Wikipedia page for the artist or illustrator. Check out the bit-by-bit procedure concerning the artist page below:

1. The Simple Profile Formation

To develop or create a Wikipedia profile, visit the platform and on the right top corner you will see a button “create account”. Enter your basic identifications and select a suitable username as a Wiki artist or illustrator. You can also turn on the notifications to stay up-to-date. You can create a user page to share your information or edit the content.

2. Consider the Principle of Notability

To create a Wikipedia page you must ensure to use and select a title for your topic that is notable and according to the Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Daily, nearly 200+ pieces are rejected and excluded commonly for not following the Principle of Notability. No matter how much you edit or proofread, one can never overcome the barrier of notability. You must ensure that your selected title to develop an artist page has some online existence and is recognized by the masses. It should be valuable to read.

3. Pick an Exclusive Name or Title

Picking a unique and exclusive title name is very important. It does not matter if the page is being created by a professional artist or you are developing on your own, your title and topic must be unique and credible. The topic must be new to the Wikipedia platform and your point of view must always be neutral. If there is a conflict of interest better alter your subject, topic, and title. Wikipedia streamlines the artist page creation procedure as it provides a search box where you can type in a question and see the existing topics or subjects.


4. Collect useful Information

If you wish to increase the online scope of your Wikipedia artist or illustrator page, you will have to search for the utmost trustworthy information. Reliability is the foremost aspect to ponder over. You need to collect information from accurate, genuine, and legit sources. Web mediums, author-published books, and self-encouraged articles are all denoted as undependable sources to mention. You have to ensure that your blog fascinates and engages the reader and give them trustable information to depend on.

5. Wikipedia Policies

The Wikipedia platform has a set of strict rules and instructions that are essential to follow. Let us see what they are:

Clarity is key: Using a professional and straightforward tone is always better when writing content for Wikipedia. Ambiguous statements are not regarded as reliable information, therefore, you must avoid making them at all times.

Evade Wordiness: Wikipedia is all about precision. Long sentences and unnecessary words decrease the authenticity of your content and the Wikipedia platform rejects such articles that have wordy sentences.

Arrangement and Organization: Blog formation is very critical and the key to success. A Wikipedia artist or illustrator page must be arranged, organized, and formatted properly. Your page must engage the reader and keep them hooked up for a longer time.

Bypass Advertising Content: The main feature of the Wikipedia artist or illustrator page is to avoid promotional content. Your content must be free of biases, non-argumentative, and should not include your opinion and preferences.

6. Augment your Content

Bringing your Wikipedia artist or illustrator page to the top ranking according to Search Engine Optimization tools is the secret behind creating a successful Wikipedia page. The idea is to know how to optimize your content using keywords that are heavily searched on the web, to make your content readable, and to make it resourceful. To observe a change, your SEO skills must be up to the mark.

Wikipedia suggests taking the no-follow link route and policy that makes the content more respected and non-promotional. By including no-follow links to your Wikipedia artist or illustrator page you can upsurge the visibility and build link multiplicity.

As mentioned before, the Wikipedia pages having no-follow links increase more weightage in Google and eventually get ranked and placed higher. You can always add external links to those blogs where your accomplishments have been emphasized to improve your online visibility. Utilization of external links and adding them to your artist profiles, you can give a noticeable growth to capture the search engine visibility.

7. Include Citations and References

Inserting citations and references has great value when it comes to the guidelines of creating a Wikipedia artist or illustrator page. Your citations and references must follow the rules stated by the Wikipedia community and the Harvard formatting style is widely used.

8. Proofread your Content

Ensure that your content is error-free, flawless, and free of plagiarism. Your content must have proper workflow and skillfully organized sentences. Be concise in sharing information regarding the artist on Wikipedia but never choose the wordy option. You can always avail of expert advice and assistance or you can run your content through software that will allow you to use advanced tools to examine your content. A content-filled with mistakes and errors lose reliability and hence gets rejected in no time.

9. Submission for Revision

Now you are all set to submit your page for revision. Your Wiki page can be attached and insert the reference links for the Wikipedia community to review.

10. Approved Page

It takes about six months to receive a response from the Wikipedia community. The professional Wikipedia page editors can ask you to make amendments if they found any. You will have to resubmit your Wikipedia artist page for revision.

Norms to Generate an Artist Biography on Wikipedia

As you have already created a Wikipedia page you are now aware of the guidelines and policies set by the Wikipedia community. Having said that, composing a biography requires the right format. Firstly, you must add some information about the artist which will lead to adding his or her career aims and accomplishments and the on-going work. Lastly, your citations, references, and sources must be shown along with external links. Be careful as the biography should be detailed and backed by legitimate information sources. Adding a table of content is a necessary part of creating a Wikipedia artist page.

Edit and Improvise a Wikipedia Artist Page

To edit a Wikipedia artist page efficiently, you must consider the editing warnings given by the Wikipedia community. Ensure your content is not to gain popularity or utilized for personal agenda. No irrelevant information must be added to the content.

After reading and going through the guidelines, you are now ready to edit your content. The idea behind proofreading content is to make it flawless and free of errors. Follow the policies and keep at them so that your page gets approved within no time. If you don’t know how to go about it then you must hire a professional and let him or her handle the critical parts. You can always use tools to edit and proofread your content.

Moreover, to understand and see how strict the Wikipedia community with the rules and policies is, you can always look at data that suggested 381+ accounts labeled as ‘black hat editing’. These pages were found to be plagiarized and had promotional content.

Avail Better Benefits

Wikipedia is the 8th most viewed platform on the web, as stated by The Telegram. If you properly manage your Wikipedia page you can not only create astonishing growth over the internet but can learn how to find out beneficial opportunities of success to enhance your career. You can do that by making slight improvisation to your Wikipedia artist page and can generate an increase of nine percent overall revenue.

The Wikipedia page is filled with wonders. By creating a Wikipedia page you can appreciate its never-ending online reach and range. A medal of authenticity to your online reputation is added by the Wikipedia community. To add your name to the list, your content must be credible, reliable, and according to the guidelines of the Wikipedia community. Nonetheless, the following are some mandates which you must avoid doing so:

Vandalism: A Destruction

The literal meaning of vandalism is to damage. Using in terms of Wikipedia page creation, vandalism means to avoid certain edits that can ruin your page and damage your online reputation. Atrocities, fabricated information, deceptive content, and unsophisticated humor is considered vandalism. Accounts or pages having such problems are either kept on hold or blocked permanently. That is why it is suggested to produce original and engaging content and do not get involved in such acts.

Page Management and Maintenance

Planning out to monitor, update, and manage your Wikipedia artist page is the next step after receiving an approval email from the Wikipedia community. There is a separate list for the artists where all celebrities are listed. As we know that these Wikipedia pages increase exposure, it is the artist’s responsibility to thoroughly review the page regularly. The platform allows anyone to edit your information, therefore, keeping an eye out is a smart thing to do.

Whenever someone will make an edit, you will receive a ‘review request’ to see before approving the amendment. These updates assist an artist in terms of uploading original content. Around 32.6 million editors are working on/for Wikipedia and almost 600+ articles are revised daily. This is why you need to regularly monitor your Wikipedia artist page.

Getting your Page Approved Without any Hassle

To get your Wikipedia artist page approved without any trouble is not a difficult task. All you need to do is follow every policy, rule, guideline, and standard set by the Wikipedia community. Do not get involved in practices that are restricted by the platform. You can upload your draft onto various tools so that you can know if any changes need to be made.

Need for an Account

Having an account enables you to create an identity, upload content, and edit content efficiently. Not having an account might lead you to be an unauthorized identity and the platform will restrict you to use Wikipedia’s functions.

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